Privacy and cookie statement

This privacy and cookie statement was changed most recently on: 6-12-2023.         

Your privacy is very important to the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC). We therefore comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This means that we:

  • Lay down our purposes clearly before we process your personal data, via this privacy and cookie statement;

  • Store as little personal data as possible and only those data that are needed for our purposes;

  • Expressly request consent for the processing of your personal data, should consent be mandatory;

  • Implement the necessary security measures to protect your personal data. We impose these obligations also on parties that process personal data on our behalf;

  • Respect your rights, such as the right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data processed by us.

Processing personal data

We explain in this privacy and cookie statement what we do with information we find out about you in providing our services and on our web page. You provide us with various types of personal data concerning yourself when you use one of our services. It is indicated per subject what data we obtain from you and for how long we retain these data, for which purpose this happens and on what basis. If you have questions or if you would like to know exactly what information we keep about you, please contact the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions via the details provided at the end of this statement.

Our services is a campaign site containing an interactive AI tool that can be used by visitors to envision their streets in a bicycle-friendly way.


You can contact the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, by telephone, by post or by e-mail. We use the following personal data for this purpose

  • Name and address details;

  • Company name (optional);

  • E-mail address;

  • Telephone number;

  • Any information you yourself provide as content of a message or conversation.

We require these data to handle your contact request, because you requested us to contact you. We retain this information until we consider that you are satisfied with our response and for three months thereafter. This will allow us to consult the information easily in case of follow-up questions. It also allows us to train our customer service employees to become even better. If the moment of contact leads to an agreement, we will retain those data for as long as that agreement lasts.

Provision to third parties

We may provide your personal data to other companies or institutions, because:

  • We engaged them to process certain data;

  • This is necessary in order to perform the agreement with you;

  • The proper performance of our activities within the context of the existing work and other relations;

  • You consent thereto;

  • To look after our (joint) interests, unless your personal interest or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over this interest;

  • We are obliged by law to do so (for example if this is demanded by the police in the case of suspicion of a crime).

The following third parties process your personal data:

  • Our cookie service providers (see below); 

  • Our IT service providers;
  • Our partners and intermediaries.


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent together with pages of this website and that are stored on the hard drive of your device by your browser. The information stored therein can be sent back again to our servers in case of a subsequent visit.

Cookie; Entity; guarantees Category Type Retention period Purpose
Google Analytics - Google LLC, America, PrivacyShield, Privacy statement Analytical Https-cookie At most 2 years Cookies are placed to gain insight into visitor behavior and to improve the user experience on the basis thereof. We have set these cookies in a privacy-sensitive manner. This means that we: - have concluded a processing agreement with Google; - give Google only masked IP addresses; - do not share any other data with Google; and - we do not use other Google services combined with analytics.
Google Tag Manager - Google LLC, America, PrivacyShield, Privacy statement Functional Https-cookie Session Manages tags on the website so that they are indexed correctly.
Miscellaneous: First-party cookies with strictly functional purposes. Functional Http-cookie At most 2 years Cookies that enable the necessary functionalities of the website, such as loading and displaying fonts. Makes it possible to show the cookie banner and to have it operate, but also to secure the website.

We display a notice explaining cookies when you visit the website for the first time. In this modal, we will ask for your consent to use cookies in so far as we are obliged to do so.

We have made arrangements with other companies that place cookies concerning the use of the cookies. Nevertheless, we do not have full control over what they do with the cookies. You should therefore also read their privacy statements.

Social media

Our website includes social media buttons. These buttons allow you to decide to indicate via your own social media account that you are interested in our products and services or to share our page with your network. This will then be visible to the visitors to your personal social media website page. If you click on a social media button, the relevant service may place one or more cookies for the purpose of recognizing you. The privacy statement of the relevant service applies to the use of such social media websites:

The information is transferred to and by Facebook and LinkedIn and stored on servers in the United States. LinkedIn and Facebook state that they comply with the Privacy Shield principles and are affiliated with the Privacy Shield program of the American Department of Commerce. This means that an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data applies.

Switching cookies on and off

You can switch off the placement of cookies via your browser, but this may mean that some options of our website no longer work properly. You can find more information about switching cookies on and off and about the removal of cookies in the instructions and/or with the aid of the Help function of your browser.


Securing your personal data is very important to us. We ensure that your data are secured properly with us. We adjust the security continuously and look out carefully for what could go wrong.

Changes to this privacy and cookie statement

Naturally, we have to adjust the privacy and cookie statement in case our website or one of our services changes. You should therefore always be aware of the date set out above and check for new versions on a regular basis.

Your rights

You can always contact us if you have questions or if you would like to know which personal data we hold in respect of you. See the contact details below.

You have the following rights:

  • Right to inspect: you have the right to inspect the personal data we process in respect of you.

  • Right to rectification: you have the right to correct or supplement the personal data we process in respect of you if these are incorrect or incomplete.

  • Right to withdraw your consent: you can always easily withdraw your consent.

  • Right to object: you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

  • Right to delete: you have the right to request us to delete your personal data.

  • Right to data portability: if this is possible in a technical sense, you have the right to have the personal data we process in respect of you transferred to a third party.

  • Right to limit the processing: you have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be limited, temporarily or otherwise, which means that we process less of your personal data.

We may ask you to identify yourself in connection with your request. We request data in this connection in order to be certain that you are the right person to whom the personal data belong. Depending on the information we have in respect of you, we may ask you to do so by enclosing a copy of a valid identity document. It is important that your Citizens Service Number and passport photo are blocked out.

We will comply with your request within 30 days in principle. However, this term may be extended for reasons related to the specific rights of data subjects or the complexity of the request. We will inform you on time if we extend this term.

Submitting complaints

If you consider that we are not helping you properly, you have the right to submit a complaint to the privacy supervisor. This authority is called the Dutch Data Protection Authority in the Netherlands.

Contact and business details

Foundation Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Pr. Catharina-Amaliastraat 5
2496XD in The Hague
E-mail address:
Telephone number: +31 70-3705705
Ch. of Comm. number: 27192610