Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions

NBTC is all about the development, branding and marketing of the Netherlands as a destination.

As the national destination management organisation of and for the Netherlands, NBTC provides a national vision for tourism based on relevant knowledge and insights. We use this vision to inspire, connect and facilitate cities, regions, business owners and other stakeholders. To make our country a liveable, popular and valuable destination for residents, visitors and companies.


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Jos Vranken leaves as CEO NBTC

13 Jun 2024

As of October 1, Jos Vranken is stepping down from the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions after an impressive 17 years as its managing director.

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Cycling research in core markets

Results of research on cycling behavior of visitors from our core markets. Is the Dutch love for cycling rubbing off on visitors during their stay? Where do they go and with whom? You can read all about it in our infographic with the results of this research.

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The Road to Climate-Neutral Tourism

11 Oct 2022

This roadmap contains combined expertise from the scientific community with knowledge from the many reports available from inside and outside the sector. Supplemented with the experience of a large number of professionals at companies, levels of government, knowledge institutions, DMOs and sector organisations.