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Agritourism is becoming increasingly popular among visitors. Societal challenges also offer opportunities for the development of regions and areas in the Netherlands.

What specific developments, questions, desires, and needs are there currently regarding agritourism? With an initial exploration, we have brought these aspects into view. From our sector, we also see opportunities to contribute to the supplementary income model for farmers.

Exploring Agritourism

NBTC has conducted an exploration to map out the developments and opportunities in agritourism. We have made several recommendations to capitalize on these opportunities.

Exploration of agritourism

Learn more about this sustainable approach to tourism.

Read the exploration of agrotourism in the Netherlands (pdf)

Research on the Potential of Rural Holidays in the Netherlands

We have studied the potential for rural holidays in the Netherlands among Dutch, Flemish, and German visitors.


Interested in the findings of the Potential of Rural Holidays in the Netherlands?

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NBTC is working with national parties from the tourism and agriculture sectors to strengthen agritourism development.