A focus on international visits 

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In 2021 and 2022, NBTC collected data on international visits to the Netherlands. The report on this page is the result of these two studies : the 2021/2022 Inbound Day Visit Survey and the 2022 Inbound Tourism Survey.

The results from these studies, which combine a revised approach to the former Inbound Tourism Research and Inbound Day Visit Research, provide more precise answers to the questions 'who are the visitors who contribute to the future of our destination?' and 'who are the visitors who, with their visit or stay, are ensuring that every Dutch person benefits from tourism?'

The surveys, conducted under the banner of the National Data Alliance, are done in cooperation with the provinces, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Netherlands World Heritage Foundation and the working group as mentioned in the colophon of the publication in the report. The data and insights from these new studies are relevant for everyone in the hospitality domain.


The full report is available to download. Due to the size of the document, we do not recommend printing it.

Download the report (pdf)