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Whether we are working on destination development, the international promotion of the Netherlands, or spreading out visitors in area and time: we always use relevant data and knowledge in everything we do. We would like to share these with you. Because with the right insights about markets and visitors, local residents and destinations, we can work together to optimally develop and promote the Netherlands as a travel destination.

We share our knowledge and insights with you in this knowledge base. Not all our publications are available in English. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Get in touch!

Holiday Sentiment Monitor

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Holiday Sentiment Monitor

Here you can find the English versions of the Holiday Sentiment Monitor, starting with the report and summary published in July 2023.

Destination Management

Twopager on destination management

Destination management refers to all efforts, which in conjunction with each other, are aimed at maximising the positive impact of the hospitality domain for a city or region. The positive impact consists of social, environmental and economic value. Destination management contributes to quality of life for residents, optimisation of visitor experiences and a future-proof sector for entrepreneurs and employees. In this summary of destination management you will find ambitions and guidance outlines. By following the seven steps of effective destination management we can effectively work towards a so-called conscious destination.

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The Road to Climate-Neutral Tourism

This roadmap contains combined expertise from the scientific community with knowledge from the many reports available from inside and outside the sector. Supplemented with the experience of a large number of professionals at companies, levels of government, knowledge institutions, DMOs and sector organisations.

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Figures for international visitors NL 2021

Latest figures and expectations for incoming tourism in the Netherlands.

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Key figures for business market 2020

Latest figures and expectations for business tourism in the Netherlands.

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Key figures for Tourism and Leisure

All figures relating to tourism and leisure in the Netherlands. (document is in Dutch)

Global figures and European tourism

Figures from the UNWTO and the ETC relating to tourism globally and in Europe.

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Future scenarios for incoming tourism 2030

Forecasts, trends and developments for incoming tourism leading up to 2030. (document is in Dutch)

Knowledge per country

NBTC collects data about who visits the Netherlands and why. MarketScans provide insight information, the national economy and the travel behaviour of inhabitants in each country of origin.