Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Prinses Catharina-Amaliastraat 5 - 2496 XD The Hague
Postbus 63470 - 2502 JL The Hague

T + 31 (0)70 3705 705

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Are you a journalist or editor? For questions about NBTC, our activities or business and leisure tourism in the Netherlands, please contact our spokesperson Elsje van Vuuren on or call +31 (0)6 1138 8374. Follow us on Twitter: @NBTC.
For press related questions about (a region in) the Netherlands as a destination for tourism and recreation, please visit our Gloal Press website for information and contact details. Or contact Emilie Zonnevylle on or +31 (0)6 4133 3467.

International media? Please visit our Global Press website for information and contact details.


Click here for a list of all the contacts at NBTC.

International offices

Besides our head office in The Hague, the NBTC also has offices in Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, North America and China.

Get in touch with our colleagues in these markets for further information.

Tourist information

Please refer to or to one of the many local tourist offices for tourism information about the Netherlands.

Meetings & Conventions

You can find more information about the Netherlands as a destination for meetings and conventions on the website.