Research and statistics

Knowledge is power. In-depth knowledge of the market, target groups, their needs and spending patterns is the foundation of effective marketing for the destination Holland. NBTC identifies these issues and analyses campaign results to focus its marketing activities. In this way, we can ensure the effectiveness of our 'Holland' efforts.

  • Inbound tourism

    Learn more about our research into inbound tourism and have a look at the most recent figures concerning inbound tourism and domestic tourism.

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  • Destination Holland 2025

    Long-term development of inbound tourism approaching 2025. What is the perspective? What do we need to capitalize on opportunities?

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  • Economic significance

    What is the economic impact of tourism for the Netherlands? What does it generate?

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  • Tourism in Perspective

    Which factors are influencing inbound and domestic tourism in Holland? Here we look back on 2018 and give our expectations for 2019.

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