What we do

Branding and marketing of ‘Holland’

NBTC is responsible for branding and marketing the Netherlands nationally and internationally. Using the 'Holland' brand, NBTC puts the country on the map as an attractive destination for holidays, business meetings and conventions. To market 'Holland' NBTC uses a cooperation model that unites partners from the public and private sectors. NBTC receives government funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and cooperates intensively with relevant parties within and outside the hospitality sector. Together, we attract visitors who spend money in Holland. This partnering is logical because we are all pursuing the same goal. At the same time, this approach creates more marketing power for ‘Holland’ Working alongside our partners, we cultivate countries and regions that supply the most visitors to the Netherlands. Based on this philosophy, NBTC is active in Europe, North America, Asia and South America (Brazil).

Market research

Effectiveness is the main driver of NBTC’s market cultivation efforts. On the strength of solid market research, we set a course for our marketing strategy and direct joint activities in the various countries towards specific target groups. Effect measurements are another fixed part of our major marketing programmes because they reveal whether our efforts produced the right effect. These measurements enable us to make adjustments where necessary.

Importance of a positive image of ‘Holland’

Marketing ‘Holland’ as a destination makes an important contribution to attracting tourists and business travellers to our country. They totalled around 11.3 million in 2011. These visits are important to the Dutch economy because all in all the hospitality sector represents an economic value of €37 billion and provides work and income for over 400,000 people. Destination ‘Holland’ is encountering large and growing international competition. More and more countries, regions and cities are working on beefing up their image and are for a share of the wallets of national and international guests. The market segments in which ‘Holland’ has the biggest interests (cities, art and business visits) are precisely where competition is fiercest. So it is not a foregone conclusion that our country will automatically benefit from global or European growth. It continues to be necessary to promote Destination ‘Holland’ systematically among potential travellers.